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Antivirus Software Recomendations


Antivirus Software Recomendations

I frequently get asked which is the best Antivirus software on the market.  Generally speaking, many AV products do very well but there are a few standouts that I’d like to discuss. The top 4 in my opinion are AVG, Avast, Kaspersky, and ESET.  If you buy any one of these products, you’ll be in good shape. Just remember, no antivirus software catches all viruses so keep a good backup solution in place.

Note:  Free antivirus software such as Microsoft Defender and others do not provide the protection necessary for today’s influx of hacking and ransomware attempts. Keep your devices safe and pony up for a paid version.

AVG has good track record scoring very well year after year.  I’ve not seem them fall out of a top 10 ranking so I’d expect them to perform the same in the future.
AVAST is a favorite of many I.T. Support personal. This is similar to the concept of going to eat where the truck drivers eat.  They know the best spots.
If you can get over the political drama of Russia. Kapersky which was born in Russia but now an international company is best of the bunch at catching viruses.
ESET has moved up in quality over the past few years and now finds itself my top 4 category.  Low cost, strong performance is very enticing.

How I came to my Recommendation
There are many ways to measure the value of an AV product.  I’m boiling my measurement criteria down to 5 specific items. These items are the most important for a business and user in their day to day operation.  I’ve collected my measurement data from a company called Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software.  They are an independent organization which does systematic testing of security software.

  • How much does the Application slow down a PC? (Impact).  This measurement helps us understand the overall impact the software has on the performance of the PC. I consider Low and Very Low indicators as.. “you won’t notice any slowdown while the software is doing its job”
  • What % of viruses does the application catch? (Catch %): We’re looking for an antivirus solution that will catch as close to 100% of all viruses.  Notice that there are zero out there.
  • How good is the software with reducing “False Positives”? (F/P): Have you ever launched an application and it did not run? Chances are your antivirus software thought it was a virus so it prevented it from running.  Finding an AV solution with minimal false positives is good for the user
  • Is the cost reasonable? (Cost): It’s hard to compare apples to apples because they all offer so many features with varying degrees of tricks to keep you paying. These tricks include signing up yearly or 2 year deals, etc.
  • What other features make this product a standout? (Standout): Here is where the best shine.
ImpactCatch %F/P %Cost/Mo.Standout
AVGLow99.60$2.75Low monthly cost, no annual commitment, cloud portal
AVASTVery Low99.613$3.33Excellent User Interface
KasperskyVery Low99.81$3.33Best AV for catching viruses
ESETVery Low99.50$2.50Low Price but annual contract.

Reviewing the Measurements
As you see, these 4 AV products score very well in all categories. Kaspersky has the best catch percentage (%).  All of them won’t slow down your PC too much and ESET has the lowest price.  AVG has the added benefit of managing all your devices in a cloud portal which is a very valuable feature. Note, this is only if you purchase the cloud version.

Benefits of Cloud Management

 Above is an image of part of the AVG cloud portal.  As you can see, the tiles provide roll-up information into how well each of your devices are doing. Additionally you can drill down into the details of each device as necessary.

Antivirus for Your Phone
Some people question the need to install antivirus software on their smart phone. I’m in agreement that there are not too many viruses that attack our phones today.  But, I run it because I don’t want to be the guy who gets his phone hacked into.

Since the mobile antivirus software is still young, I recommend a free version of one of the 4 version above.  I don’t recommend a free version for your desktop PC.



Baxter I.T. is a partner and reseller of AVG and AVAST software.  We resell many security solutions to our business customers (only the best) at a better price than they can get it on their own.  Baxter I.T. does comprehensive research with through testing of solutions to ensure they live up to their marketing promises.



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